Have Storm Damage? We Can Help Handle the Insurance Claim!

Educate your family on the most important topics to know when it comes to storm damage and insurance companies.

Top 10 Things to Consider

There are a number of things to consider after your home is damaged by a storm. Many people are left confused and frustrated. This is largely due to the number of random contractors knocking on your door sometimes minutes after the storm. Sadly, this is a very under-regulated area within the Department of Labor. Oftentimes, the self-proclaimed “insurance specialist” or “project managers” are simply fast talking salespeople. Many times, these “independent” salespeople are not employees of the company and have very little allegiance to the outfit they are representing. Too often, the idea of having your insurance company pay for your roof can eclipse the more important points about restoring your home such as quality, product knowledge, warranties, and overall communication. It is very important to educate yourself on this process and equip your family with the right contractor.

At First Choice Exteriors, insurance restoration is one of our specialties. It’s very important for us to educate you on the process. With insurance adjusters, you can get good, bad, and ugly, it’s all about the luck of the draw. Think about it this way: if you were injured in an accident or going through legal issues, would you do it without a lawyer? Of course not! The same thing applies for an insurance claim. At First Choice, we level the playing field and make sure that all of your damages are paid out properly and restored to pre-storm condition.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a contractor.

  1. Is the contractor accredited with the Better Business Bureau and what is their grade?
    -First Choice is not only accredited, but we have an A+ rating.
  2. Can you find them online and do they have reviews?
  3. Do they have references that you can personally talk to?
  4. Do they have lists of recent projects?
  5. Are they insured and is their license number up-to-date and legal?
  6. Are they offering a craftsmanship warranty?
  7. Are they using generic materials?
    -Many companies say they will offer a lifetime warranty. They then end up installing generic products to maximize their profits and void any possible manufacturer warranty.
  8. Did they offer to pay your deductible?
    -This is Illegal in Minnesota! Avoid shady contractors if they are offering this!
  9. Do they have an actual office?
    -Many companies which we call "Fly by Night" will come into town and set up an address at their friend's house and claim they are local. This is unfortunate, but it does happen.
  10. Who are they insured through and did they show you proof?

The Difference is in the Details! 

Here's what sets First Choice apart from our competition:

  • Certifications and Reputation

    • We are a GAF factory certified Master Elite ® roofing contractor. Only 2% of North American roofing contractors hold this title; this is because that title is earned, not bought, through continuous exemplary work. 

  • On-site production manager

    • We maintain a dedicated production manager for every job. This is very rare in our industry, and means that a representative from our company personally oversees every project. This person is responsible for communicating with homeowners, protecting your property, and guaranteeing that every step is done correctly from setup to installation to cleanup.

  • Dedicated crews

    • We work with the same contracting crews all season. This means they are familiar with our company’s high standards for quality installation and respect of property. With great teamwork and work ethic, our crews are the best in the business!

  • We are damage experts

    • Every member of our team is extensively trained in the many nuances of exterior damage. We regularly identify and differentiate signs of aging, storm damage, improper ventilation and more. Insurance adjusters recognize our expertise and listen to our input when inspecting your home.

  • Honesty is our policy!

    • We promise 100% truth and transparency in our inspection process. Less reputable companies may make up or exaggerate damage, but we consider this a waste of both of our times. We always document damage and show the homeowner to keep them informed on their claim. This policy has kept us in business for 19 years and we intend to keep it up!


  • Will my premiums go up if I file a claim?

    • No! Insurance companies cannot raise individual rates for damages outside of your control. Damages from storm effects like wind and hail are considered acts of nature. Therefore the homeowner cannot be punished for requesting the repairs they are entitled to.

  • What if I get denied?

    • Every insurance company is different, but for the vast majority there are no negative consequences for a denied claim. In fact if you believe you have been wrongfully denied you can often file a reinspection. That being said, we at First Choice will work in person with your adjuster to ensure that your claim is always considered thoughtfully and fairly.

  • Will you pay for my deductible?

    • No! We follow all Minnesota laws and codes and therefore cannot pay your deductible. If any company does offer this, politely slam the door. This a huge red flag and that company is asking you to get involved in insurance fraud. For more information on the Minnesota legislation around this, see here http://www.dli.mn.gov/CCLD/RoofLaw.asp

  • But my insurance company already inspected my home and didn’t find any damage.

    • Most insurance adjusters are well-intentioned and knowledgeable people. However at the end of the day, they work for the insurance company. We at First Choice will work for you. We are experts at identifying and documenting even the subtlest forms of storm damage. Additionally, while damage may not have been apparent at the time of your last inspection, it often can manifest or become apparent after a winter season. Trust us, it’s worth a second opinion!

  • How do I pick the best shingle for my home?

    • We carry a wide range of of top-of-the-line exteriors products. This high quality allows us to give impressive warranties and offer homeowners a wide selection of colors and styles to make their home stunning, and increase their curb appeal. We are also happy to provide our expert opinions on any aesthetic or functional questions at no extra cost.

  • Do your products come with warranties?

    • Yes! All of our products come with lifetime warranties. These are transferable between homeowners, so if you plan on moving the next residents can still make use of it.

  • What if someone gets hurt on the job?

    • Unfortunately, roofing can be dangerous work. We put safety first on every project, but we know that accidents happen. As such, First Choice Exteriors is fully licensed and insured in the state of Minnesota

storm damage

storm damage

storm damage

storm damage

storm damage

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