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Top 10 Things to Consider

There are a number of things to consider after your home is damaged by a storm. Many people are left confused and frustrated. This is mostly due to all of the random contractors knocking on your door sometimes minutes after the storm. Sadly, this is a very under regulated area within the Department of Labor. Oftentimes, the self-proclaimed “insurance specialist” or “project managers” are simply fast talking salespeople. Many times, these “independent” salespeople are not employees of the company and have very little allegiance to the outfit they are representing. Too often, the idea of having your insurance company pay for your roof can eclipse the more important points about restoring your home such as quality, product knowledge, warranties, and overall communication. It is very important to educate yourself on this process and equip your family with the right contractor.

At First Choice Exteriors, insurance restoration is one of our specialties. It’s very important for us to educate you on the process. With insurance adjusters, you can get good, bad, and ugly—it’s all about the luck of the draw. Think about it this way: if you were injured in an accident or going through legal issues, would you do it without a lawyer? Of course not! The same thing applies for an insurance claim. At First Choice, we level the playing field and make sure that all of your damages are paid out properly and restored to pre-storm condition.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing a contractor.

  1. Is the contractor accredited with the Better Business Bureau and what is their grade?
    -First Choice is not only accredited, but we have an A+ rating.
  2. Can you find them online and do they have reviews?
  3. Do they have references that you can personally talk to?
  4. Do they have lists of recent projects?
  5. Are they insured and is their license number up-to-date and legal?
  6. Are they offering a craftsmanship warranty?
  7. Are they using generic materials?
    -Many companies say they will offer a lifetime warranty. They then end up installing generic products to maximize their profits and void any possible manufacturer warranty. For example, at First Choice, we are a GAF Master Elite Contactor. We offer a lifetime warranty of every GAF roof we install, and you receive a certificate from GAF.
  8. Did they offer to pay your deductible?
    -If any company says they are going to pay your deductible, politely slam the door. This a huge red flag and that company is asking you to get involved in insurance fraud.
  9. Do they have an actual office?
    -Many companies which we call “Fly by Night” will come into town and set up an address at their friend’s house and claim they are local. This is unfortunate, but it does happen.
  10. Who are they insured through and did they show you proof?

Here are some examples of what storm damage on your home may look like. Damage can come in all shapes and sizes. Many times, these damages go overlooked by the insurance adjusters. This can happen for many reasons. When a big storm hits, there are thousands of claims that roll in and slam the claims departments of insurance companies. In order to handle the influx of claims, they bring in their Catastrophe Team. These individuals, and sometimes teams, come from all over the country to assist. Many of them are given anywhere from 60–100 claims the day they arrive. That means 60–100 other homes that have the same potential damage your home does are being handled by one person. These adjusters rush through the inspection, write up an estimate, and are on their way. Homeowners are left with many items overlooked and are stuck with confusing insurance estimates.

This is why it is so important to have proper representation present with your adjuster. First Choice Exteriors has completed thousands of insurance claims in the state of Minnesota. We use the exact same software the insurance companies possess to write their estimates. This levels the playing field to make sure that all the details are included and no items go overlooked. This software is complicating, but thankfully First Choice and its employees have taken the time to learn this software to combat the insurance companies. First Choice has a great working relationship with all insurance companies, which will ensure that your claim gets handles properly.



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